What! My Lava Stone is Waxed?

Purchased a locket like this one, to diffuse your essential oils, recently? Me too. Just to be dissapointed. My oils seemed to dissapear after just a couple of hours. Often, along with your pendant you will recieve a waxed lava stone/felt ball. Wax does NOT diffuse! Want to have a stone that actully diffuses. Want an alternative to felt aroma balls. Click here to check out Natural Lava Stones and other, more desirable, powerful, natural & unique diffusing elements.

Essential Oil Diffusing Locket

Essential Oil Diffusing Locket


Ever wonder why your essential oils never last very long on that new piece of essential oil jewelry you just bought. This is why!

Traditionally in jewelry, lava stones are waxed, this makes them more comfortable to wear. Natural lava stone is rough and very porous. While a waxed stone may avoid the very mild and almost undetectable rawness of the stone. A waxed stone also prevents our oils from penetrating into the lava stone. Thus negating it's diffusion qualities. Natural lava stone can absorb, hold and diffuse for 2 to 5 days.

Check out   products   made with Natural Stone

Check out products made with Natural Stone